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ηλεκτρολογικός πίνακας

Electrical Installations

Electric installation is one of the most basic parts of the construction of your home or business both for its operation and safety as well as for its aesthetic effect. Our company has the know-how […]

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Structured Wiring

Our company provides high quality structured cabling systems with the best performance. We can install any Ethernet application to serve your every business need. We provide solutions, based on copper and fiber optic standards, ensuring […]

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έξυπνο σπίτι interent of things


Building automation is a process of central control of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, lighting and in general all building systems. Our company implements home and building automation installations, with qualified staff providing […]

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Grounding Installations

Grounding protection is often installed in the form of a lightning rod which guides the current through itself and to the ground. Proper grounding is the first safety measure to prevent electronic damage, electrocution, etc. […]

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Αντικεραυνική Προστασία σε κατοικία

Lightning Protection Systems

Protection against lightning is a complex process that combines a lightning strike with the technical means to be used for protection against lighting strikes. Our company, having the certified training, knowledge and experience for the […]

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underground networks

Underground Networks

Our company is responsible for the construction of underground low-voltage electricity transmission networks. The underground network may include copper or aluminum cables of various cross-sections, copper conductors for grounding and fiber optic cables. The company […]

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ηλεκτρολογικοί πίνακες

Electrical Panels

Electrical panels / switchboards provide advanced protection features, leakage fault protection and seamless integration into energy management and control systems. The wide range of accessories and comprehensive technical support allow you to respond quickly and […]

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panels solar energy

Solar Power Systems

Our company implements integrated, intelligent, and innovative energy saving solar power solutions by installing small-scale renewable energy systems such as solar panels and small wind turbines. We carry out autonomous interconnected and net metering solar […]

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ηλεκτρολογικές μελέτες

PPC Certificates

Our company issues DEDDIE certificates and technical certifications required by the Ministry of Development and Municipalities, for any low power supply such as: YDE Certificate for Industrial Areas and buildings YDE Certificate for Street Lighting […]

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