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έξυπνο σπίτι interent of things

Building automation is a process of central control of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, lighting and in general all building systems.

Our company implements home and building automation installations, with qualified staff providing technical certifications. Benefit from automation solutions by saving energy. Control lighting, heating, blinds, ventilation and even take advantage of multimedia and security technologies.

Smart buildings

Times change and so do our needs.

Needs related to safety, green energy, comfort, reduction of fatigue, simplified and free access to handling and services by the disabled and the elderly at home, business, tourist accommodation.

Smart electrical installations with the evolution of technology combine the conventional methods with the future in construction.

Today we can build new facilities, but also adapt the existing facilities with new technologies that are constantly developing and evolving.

Γιατί KNX;

Imagine a building where devices communicate with each other. Various systems (air conditioning, cooling/heating, lighting management, device management, shading systems, security systems, communications and entertainment systems), work together seamlessly according to the weather and other prevailing conditions at any time (frost, heat, fire, night, day, water or gas leakage, natural disasters, etc.). There is a way for our building to “work” whether we are in it or away from it. It’s even better when we know what is going on wherever we are. KNX offers us all this technology with the right equipment and the right installation.

We can interconnect subsystems such as BUS network, wireless (RF) transmission, LAN-WiFi-INTERNET network and others (DALI, BACnet, HVAC…) and simplify their use.

How it works

Lighting management: activation/deactivation, dimming, color rendering in the conventional way of switches, in collaboration with motion-presence-brightness sensors, scenario system from timers, control from a security system… there are no limits.

Device management: turn on/off coffee maker, water heater, pressure washer, automatic watering and others, with schedule, temperature/humidity/water shortage control.

Management of heating/cooling/ventilation/air conditioning: controlled by thermostats as well as climate sensors.

Shading systems (rollers, blinds, awnings): with brightness/wind control from conventional controls, climate sensors, timers, and security systems.

Entertainment systems: on/off TV, stereo, video projection system, with schedule.

Security systems: detection of suspicious activity, fire, apocalypse, leakage of liquids, gases with ad hoc detectors.


  1. Implementation of central functions: when everyone leaves the building, all lights, water supply and the power supply of some appliances (electric cooker, A/C, toaster, iron, etc.) can be switched off. This allows you to activate the security system automatically, operate the shading systems by yourself according to the weather conditions, and activate the heating system within the limits you have set.
  2. Depending on the activity inside the room, dim the lighting, activate the air conditioning, operate the sound system, e.g. at a movie screening or a party.
  3. With one command activate/deactivate lights, blinds, music as if the space is inhabited, through scenarios. A simulation of presence in our absence.
  4. Voice commands with virtual digital assistants (eg Amazon Alexa, Google Assistance). Just say it and the helper taps… “Alexa, turn on the garden lights”, “hey Google, it’s movie time”, “Alexa, put the temperature at 20 degrees”, “hey Google, show everybody we are here” and many more.
  5. When we arrive home, some lights, some systems (water and/or space heating, raise the blinds, turn on the Air-Condition, TV or music and vice versa when leaving) are activated. This is achieved by geolocation and with criteria you have set according to your needs. Then you can operate all the above systems manually independently with the automatic command they have received.

Of course, all this can be done via the INTERNET as well as watching the result through visualization on screens, smartphones, tablets, computers.

How is it implemented?

After assessing your needs, we prepare an analysis for the implementation of the project, choose the communication system, compile the list of equipment through a multitude of devices – sensors and present the financial offer. Implementing the entire project at once is not necessary. You can start with the essentials and continuously expand, as long as the materials chosen support interoperability with the smart installation system.

In new constructions there are no limits, almost anything can be done. However, exciting buildings may have limitations with no or little interventions possible.

The central panel can be converted or sensors and switching hardware can be replaced with the aim of integrating either wired or wireless hardware into the existing installation. In any case, all installations are safe since all products meet the strictest specifications set by the KNX and Z-WAVE organizations.

Costs and Benefits.

In a construction in the conventional or modern way there is an A’ cost. There are no major differences in the electrical installation. In the case of smart buildings, cabling is clearly more economical. The differences are in the equipment. Smart devices cost more to buy but the benefits are multiple and multi-dimensional. The smart installation is cost effective in terms of use, safety of life and property, monitoring of resources (energy, consumption, longevity of materials), reduced stress (oops! I forgot the iron in the socket? the stove on? Did I turn off the lights when leaving? will I find hot water/home when I return? how will I know about a possible power outage? what will happen to the refrigerator?) and more. Our life will become more comfortable and enjoyable through simple daily automatic actions. Our children will transition to the next level of living more easily and our elderly loved ones will have more comfort and security since “someone else” will take care of their needs.

Ask us about it: You benefit from savings if you build right.

You benefit from an improved management of fixed costs related to your building, as well as better living conditions for you and your loved ones, with the safety of people in mind, a priceless value.  This is the goal of each of us and our partners for each project. This is how trust is “built” with our customers, day after day for many decades.


If you are interested in detailed information about automations, a highly qualified and well-trained electrician in Kythira is at your disposal. Please contact us.